CrossWorkers Culture

At CrossWorkers, we live by our human resources and the way we manage them. It is therefore of great importance that we have a shared set of values. We are always Professional in what we do, and we talk of what we do with Enthusiasm. In our hearts, we have the Courage to act and Pride in what we do. The bottom line for us is Humanity. Therefore, this blog makes you have closer look to CrossWorkers’ Culture


We look at ourselves as a whole individual, recognizing that everyone has his or her personality, needs and abilities. We plan our work and private needs with flexibility from each side to secure an optimal world-life balance in order to preform our best.


We always act professional internally as well as externally. We are passionate in our work but do not lose our focus. We carry high expectations to our colleagues and preform accordingly.


We face challenging task with commitment. Since we know this is the basis of getting even better what we do. Work must never be just work – by adding personality and passion we create commitment.


We have the courage to innovate, take steps, and explore new ways of doing things because we know that this is the only way we become extraordinary at what we do.


We take PRIDE in what we do, whether it is large conquests or little things. We know that we are all preforming important tasks for CrossWorkers and aim for the same common goal.

Finally, we believe that it is our main responsibility to create the optimum environment for our employees, through which they will develop and grow. Therefore, we have set of benefits for them, as shown in this infographic.