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We believe Good Work Environment and High Caliber Colleagues

Ensure high quality deliveries 

CrossWorkers Egypt/offshore solutions supplies international customers with highly skilled IT professionals who work in long-term relationships where our Employees work in an international environment that is driven & empowered by the international standards.




First of all, we make sure we understand what needs and wishes the client has for the future IT employees in Cairo. We, therefore, get a skills matrix with the technical requirements for the candidates we will find. 

We search our database for suitable candidates that match the needs, and assess whether there is someone that will fit into the business. Last but not least, we advertise on digital media for the right candidates, and headhunt in some cases.

As a regular part of the screening of our interviews, we test the candidates’ ability to communicate in English and thoroughly examine their international experiences and personal qualities, so we can figure out how they will be able to maneuver in a collaboration with a European company.

Candidates will then be exposed to our technical interview, where we will probe them with detailed technical questions to find out how skilled and experienced they are.

We select 2-3 candidates per job, which will be the absolute best match. where the client can –with our assistance- directly select the person we will hire.

The client either come to Cairo to meet the candidates and choose from a personal interview with each of them, or have Skype meetings with them. However, we always recommend that the come to Cairo to meet the candidates personally.

Cultural Awareness Sessions

At Crossworkers, new comers start their career with a “Cultural Awareness Session” by our Danish CEO, which is very important to introduce our team members to the Danish culture also the differences and similarities with Egyptians. This is to enhance team communication with Danish employees and clients, and maintain teamwork skills.


you will communicate daily with members of your European customers’ team –and occasionally you will work onshore

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