Seven Lovely Career Tips for Software Dveloper

In Valentine’s Day, this post will elaborate some lovely ♥ tips for software developer, who aspire a successful career.

1. Only juniors who just learn the tools they use. But in order to become expert in you field, you need to learn all of the features, menus, and context menus. Learn to use them without a mouse by memorizing keyboard shortcuts. Find every “tips and tricks” article available.

2.  Facing crisis! Take a complex problem, break it down into smaller pieces, solve each of those pieces, and then put everything back together to solve the initial problem.

3. Do not lose opportunities just because you do not want to leave your comfort zone. To be exceptional and unique developer, you have to take risks. This will lead you to have impressive resume and BIG salary.

4. Honest and integrity is very important. You live in very small community of Software developers and news spread very quickly. Therefore, you have to build strong and trustworthy presence among your peers.

5. Practice is your sword. The academic knowledge is not enough. You have to code a lot, and do not fear failure. To expert in this field, you have to force yourself in practicing and have the passion.

6. Bonus Tip:  “When you’re stuck, write your program on paper. I’m serious. It’s magic. This is standard practice in programming competitions. (I think it works because when you don’t have to think about syntax you have more excess brain power to solve the actual problem.)”

7. Being helpful to your colleagues opens to you doors to have new friends and good connections. As mentioned above, your field is small and you will need to build good relationships, in other words, what goes around comes around.