Why Software Developer have Awesome Job

Being Software Developer makes you go through many challenges including; being stressed most of the time by the delivery dates, debugging, and awareness of each new technology. However, there are many reasons that makes you feel that you have awesome job. In this post, there will be more than reason to Love the software development career.

Like Art & Music, software development is also very creative. It is almost by definition creative, since you create new functionality that did not exist before. The solutions can be expressed in many ways, both structurally and in the details.

Team Spirit:
The legend says that programmers sit alone at their computers and code all day. But in Real life, software development is in fact almost always a team effort. You discuss programming problems and solutions with your colleagues. It is also telling that pair-programming (two developers programming together on one computer) is a popular practice.

The Most Wanted Job:
Within a few years, almost all business will be digitized and run on software. As Marc Andreessen said, “Software is eating the World”.

No Academic Degree Needed:
Some of the biggest names in technology never even finished their university education, and ended up dropping out and still founding famous technology icons. Bill Gates of Microsoft, Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are prime examples of being a software developer without a formal qualification. But you also have to keep up with the rapid evolution of technologies.
Timeless Job:
Many jobs has gone extinct, as they are replaced by software and computers. However all those software need to be designed and developed by software engineers, in other words they own the future.